Sanjeevini Homestay
Sagar Taluk, Karnataka, India.
Phone : 6362197765


There is a prevalent myth about few footsteps found on a rock right in the middle of the front yard of Sanjeevini Homestay. These footsteps belonged to a Saintly person who passed by across this farm. The local people used this big rock to dry their areca nut and swore that not even a single areca nut would be touched by any humans or animals. It was a safe haven to dry various farm products grown locally.

While the validity of these events can be debated: We can confirm the fact that this farm has a welcoming aura and has been a place of activity for the family members for many years. It is our favorite place for camp fires, family reunions and get togethers.

Smt. Sanjeevamma ('Ajji' or grandmother) was the epitome of hospitality; she loved to have people around and made sure everyone was fed properly in her presence. Continuing in her tradition the idea of Homestay was developed by Smt. Prafulla. She has a flare for finer details of life and a vision that is unmatched.

About Us

Sanjeevini Homestay is a place for comfort and relaxation in a homely atmosphere amidst the lush greenery of coconut and areca nut trees. We have taken a baby step in the hospitality industry and want to share the beauty of miles and miles of forests of Malenadu, the gurgling streams, world famous Jog Falls and temples with serious travelers or weekend visitors who need rejuvenation away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Without exaggerating anything just want to invite all of you to spend a day at our Homestay.

“Welcome to Malenadu, our home. Enjoy your stay at Sanjeevini Homestay.“ Prafulla.

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